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Ealing Arts Manifesto

RareKind is a creative agency that was hired by The London Borough of Ealing to create an Arts Manifesto for them. The agency was tasked with designing and producing the entire document, from the initial branding and logo design to the selection of typefaces, layout, and the creation of illustrated town names and headers.

The Arts Manifesto is a document that outlines the London Borough of Ealing’s vision for the arts and culture sector in their community. It serves as a guide for individuals and organisations working in the arts to understand the council’s priorities and goals.

RareKind, as the commissioned agency, was responsible for bringing this vision to life. They used their expertise in branding and graphic design to create a cohesive visual identity for the document, which included selecting appropriate colours, typography, and creating illustrations that captured the essence of each town in Ealing.

The agency worked closely with the council to ensure that the final product accurately reflected their vision and goals for the arts sector in Ealing. The result was a beautiful and informative document that effectively communicated the council’s priorities for the arts and culture community in their borough.

Overall, RareKind’s work on The London Borough of Ealing’s Arts Manifesto demonstrates their ability to create compelling and effective design solutions for clients in the public sector.